crazy phase


i am guy in my twenties just started my career. just like any normal guys i have  gone though the college life  were every things are good, smooth and clean.

i had a stage when i was in “love” that what my friends say. it was strong  feeling hitting you. i saw a girl at my tutoring class fell for her beautiful charm. at first it was really hard crush at this girl. which lend me the courage to go out and speak to her. well that didn’t worked out very well. after that i didn’t loose my hope to win her i kept a possibility. a possibility that’s what i had, did’t try to work some way out or any thing just a after almost six year . she is married happily to some guy.

my friends mark me as “looser”. for not doing anything and just letting her and loosing.

all the discussions part. what is “love” ? certainly felling for a girl just for her charm is not a “love”  its just “crush”. so when does this “crush” become “pure love” when your get to know the person.its that other persons understanding towards you is what “lovable”. of all the friends part there is this special one person who is determined to go all the way. now that is “love”.what i had with this girl was not “love” its really a deep feel of “crush”.

so when nothing much happened after that “crush” moment. how to you define that as love and say you lost the “love of the life”. i don’t denied that i don’t remember her charming face.the moments where really fascinating. but it was not much of a love i would say rather a crazy phase. which happen in you life.

if you wanna comment that its just my excuse to not marked a looser. then i think you have not understand about “love”.

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Be a thinker.. there are new possibilities


probably when you read the title you much have  thought that “here is another stupid guy writing about the rational thinking”.

well i am not. i don’t want people to “think” i want them to explore there amazing sense. every human have developed sense of reasoning capability and by this sense alone i think human are the Superior to all the living species on earth.

with such a great gift why do human do so many irrational acts. why does it have to be same thing over and over again. human are know to invent,explore, achieve. many great ideas have brought our species to such a Superior position.  some out of the box ideas have made so many change in whole universe . when those ideas can be thought why can’t human think of more ideas, why can’t human think of billion more. why living in the shadows of old ideas which brought us here… why restrict ourself under those ideas. work under those ideas

why does it has to be that way.. why can’t it be in new way.we are so addicted to doing things traditional way that we don’t want to think.. we don’t want to think of new ideas. we are running to do our deeds.with having a sense of reasoning  we have far greater responsibility then doing our deeds,  we have responsibility to think of possibility, think of unusual ideas and rational thinking and then implement them.every human can be thinker, every  brain out there can have a unusual idea.

don’t forget your true gift use it,

be a thinker

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